EDI specializes in providing uncompromising support for litigation, internal investigations, criminal matters, incident response and expert witness testimony. We have extensive experience in planning and executing successful covert forensic imaging projects where the target subject never suspects the computer was copied.

EDI searches digital storage media for evidence and investigative leads in either civil or criminal cases. Our vast expertise on spoliation of evidence matters has been battle tested in court and yielded tremendous strategic and monetary benefits to our clients. We combine an in-depth global digital forensic expertise of over 28 years with combined law enforcement, private security and information technology experience.

EDI examines computer hard drives, USB Drives, smartphones and legacy cellphones, tablets, PDAs, surveillance systems, GPS devices, CD/DVDs, backup tapes, networks and other storage media for evidence of interest to our clients in civil or criminal matters, and then exploits that data to the fullest to develop leads. Our activities are always conducted with the presumption that the results may be admitted in a court of law. Unless otherwise directed by the client, all examination results will be treated as evidentiary in nature.

EDI offers a full range of forensic digital data acquisition, extraction and exploitation activities worldwide. By using breakthrough searching techniques and analytical procedures, our experienced forensic examiners have recovered; deleted, erased, hidden, reformatted or partially over-written files and emails. We have extensive experience recovering key emails that have been characterized as “the smoking gun” of a case. We use specialized software to access files that are password protected and identify filenames that have been disguised.

EDI can come to your site and image potential evidence in the field during either covert or regular operations to produce a non-invasive exact bit-by-bit copy of the original, thereby preserving the integrity of the original piece of evidence. This image is returned to our lab where the forensic examiner views and searches the copied data using keywords provided by our client. Our examiners may recover whole files or fragments of files, browser histories, cookies, calendars, email history, zip files, downloads and other pertinent information, providing a snapshot of how the computer was used.